en route:a call for participation

When I started this blog I intended for it to be a blog about practices of sex-work and a streamlined effort to loosen up ideas  about sex and sex-work, with an emphasis on female sexuality and so on.

As the work progresses I feel that this seems like too narrow a trail to pursue, and that the idea should be broadened to allow other people to contribute their ideas as well as work.The whole stigma attached to sex-work serves to disassociate the sex-worker and her/his trade and the lives of the people in and around this trade from the mainstream, the stigmas around sex and the nature of its association with morality are worth examining especially because of the way in which they seem to inhibit and oppress the lives of women.

So on a more hopeful note, the work is now collaborative and  participatory and will try to engage with community in every way it can.I invite interested artists and writers and to contribute their writing around these themes, and any form, from prose to poetry to photos to erotica and sexy journal entries is welcome.